Arbitrary Waveform Generator

AWG70000B Arbitrary Waveform Generator
The AWG70000B Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator represents the cutting edge in sample rate, signal fidelity and waveform memory, making it ideal for design, testing and operations of complex components, systems and experiments. With up to sample rate of 50 GS/s and 10-bit vertical resolution, it delivers the industry’s best signal stimulus solution for easy generation of ideal, distorted and “real-life” signals.
Recreating real world chaos
Streaming Waveform ID gives users immediate access to 16,383 sequence steps through an Ethernet network connection. For applications such as quantum computing, electronic warfare threat simulations and radar receiver with interference signal testing, that need dynamic technique modification in a scenario to quickly change waveforms, replicating real world simulations with unprecedented accuracy. Streaming Waveform ID also provides direct programmatic access allowing you to do more in a time sensitive testing period.
The cleanest, truest to life signals.
10 bits of resolution with a full range of sample rates (up to 50 Gs/s) allows you to simulate complex environments, recreate objects of interest and reliably generate precise test signals—all with low EVM and noise. Directly generate signals with up to 18 GHz of bandwidth or generate baseband I/Q streams.

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