Digital Pattern Generators – DPG

Active Technologies Digital Pattern Generators also known as DPG, allow digital stimuli generation to stimulate digital designs, providing the capability to emulate standard serial or parallel bus transactions or custom digital interfaces, for system or device debugging and characterization.

These Digital Pattern Generators can be used for FPGA / peripheral / ASIC emulation and stimulation, protocol-level testing setup/hold verification, production test, mixed-signal testing, and general digital stimulus.

Active Technologies instruments integrate analog waveform and digital pattern generation in a single solution to meet demanding for test signals and application where speed, resolution and quality is an issue.

Up to 32 digital channels @ 1.54 GSps per instrument support different electrical standards like LVDS or LV-TTL.

To ensure the best signal integrity when transmitting such high-speed digital signals, a customized digital cable and the corresponding connector Mini SAS HD to 16 SMA connector (Active Technologies item code: AT-LVDS-SMA8) can be bought from Active Technologies.

Moreover, Active Technologies developed an 8-bit LVDS to LVTTL converter (Active Technologies item code: AT-DTLL8) that can be used to convert LVDS differential signals to LVTTL single-ended signals with a software programmable voltage level from 0.8V to 3.8V.

The AT-DTLL8 probe bit rate is 125 Mbps@0.8V and 400 Mbps@3.6V.

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