Power supply

Power supply is widely suited for modern electronic products and needs to have certain anti-interference ability, isolation function and protection function in use. Different countries and regions have a series of certification standards for various power sources entering the market to ensure products’ quality. ITECH has professional power test instrument product line, including AC power supply, DC power supply, DC electronic load, AC electronic load, power analyzer, etc. At the same time, ITECH also provides customized automatic test system such as ITS9500 power supply automatic test system, OBC/DC-DC converter automatic test system and portable AC charging device test system, which greatly help users save space, control costs and improve test efficiency. ITECH power test solutions are suitable for testing in areas, such as various AC and DC power supplies, chargers, communication power supplies, photovoltaic inverters, LED drive sources, car chargers, charging stations.



In recent years, with the intensification of the energy crisis, renewable energy represented by solar energy and wind power has developed rapidly. ITECH solar test solutions can test the performance of solar cell, PV inverter,Photovoltaic controller(DC-DC).The maximum output voltage and power of ITECH high performance power supply is up to 2250V/1152kW. If equipped with PV simulation program, it can test MPPT compliance with EN50530/SANDIA/NB-T32004/CGC-GF004/CGC-GF035. Also it can simulate IV-curve under different temperature and irradiation. ITECH electronic load with high speed sampling rate (50KHz) is well used to test solar panel and coomponents. 24hrs I-V curve features can be fully verified and the data can be recorded and saved for further analysis..



IoT is becoming more and more popular in today’s world. There are many devices which are connected together by internet. ITECH IoT solutions provide power electronics test for these devices and make sure that they work stably and perform well.At present, ITECH IoT solutions have been used in many different applications and fields, such as wireless communication, automobile devices market,smart home, wearable devices and medical care, etc. The test items include low consumption power test, battery performance test,power supply test of communication module, high current anti test,smart home simulation test and so on.




ITECH provides comprehensive self-developed battery testing solution, including power supply, electronic load, internal resistance tester, temperature acquisition, industrial PC and other equipment. With professional battery test software, you can test the cell, pack, module, etc. of various types of batteries, such as battery life testing of low-power life science instruments, effective working condition simulation of battery packs in electric vehicles, energy storage equipment testing and simulation in grid-connected, comprehensive alarm and protection testing of train battery packs, multi-channel battery packs Independent, parallel testing, etc., ITECH provides efficient battery solutions for new energy vehicles, photovoltaic micro grids, IOT, mobile, electric tools and other fields.

Semiconductor / IC.

Semiconductor refers to the material whose electrical conductivity is between conductor and insulator at normal temperature. Semiconductor products are mainly divided into four categories, including integrated circuits (IC), optoelectronic devices, discrete devices and sensors. ITECH provides comprehensive solutions which are suited for various applications in areas such as packaged IC, semiconductor laser, optoelectronic lighting device, diodes, transistor, FET, thyristor, IGBT, fuse, relay and other discrete device and sensor. Among them, such as IC aging test, power supply test, continuity test of discrete devices, especially semiconductor laser test, relying on IT6000C CC/CV priority setting function and loop speed adjustable function, can effectively suppress boot overshoot.



Electromechanic Equipment

Electromechanic includes electric engineering and mechanic engineering.For example, the manual switch is a component. The electric signal generates mechanical movement. On the other hand, the mechanical movement can generate electric signal too. This is about electromagnetic theory. The DC motor can generate power by mechanical movement (as a power generator) or provide power to mechanical movement(as a motor).ITECH instruments can be widely used in these applications. Take the example of IT6000C/IT6500C,they have excellent performance in the start test of motor.


Automotive Electronics.

The vehicle’s control system is based on electronic equipment. The reliability of automotive electronics is directly related to the safety and reliability of the vehicle. ITECH has a wealth of experience and high performance products for automotive electronics, automotive central joint box, automotive generators, relays, DC motors / DC-DC converter testing, DC brushless motors, automotive fuses, lights and many other fields. Also, ITECH has a complete product line related to automotive electronic testing, its power is up to 1152kW, and voltage is up to 2250V. A variety of products have built-in electrical test waveforms of 20 automotive electrical and electronic equipment standards such as DIN40839, ISO-16750-2, SAEJ1113-11, LV124 and ISO21848, allowing engineers to quickly and directly call for performance testing and self-editing the required tests.


New Energy Vehicle .

ITECH new energy vehicle test solutions are suitable for various testing, such as AC/DC charging station testing, on-board charger and charging interface testing, portable AC charging device testing, AC/DC charging and charging station simulation testing, power battery testing and fuel cell testing. Also, ITECH has a complete product line of new energy automotive test equipment, its power is up to 1152 kW and voltages up to 2250V, including source system, battery simulator, AC power supply, DC power supply, DC electronic load, AC electronic load, internal resistance tester, etc. Combined with professional test software, ITECH provides users with complete, comprehensive and flexible testing solutions.hoạt.